Aerolatte French Press / Cafetière, 8 cups/ 1000 ml

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1000 ml capacity – ideal for making up to 8 cups of flavoursome filter-style coffee at home

The aerolatte French Press/Cafetière is perfect for serving your morning coffee or to cap off a wonderful dinner at home with your friends (and all the times in between when you want to enjoy fresh, flavoursome coffee).

The beaker/carafe is made from premium-quality heat- and stain-resistant borosilicate glass, which means that you can watch your coffee while it brews and the glass will stay cool to the touch on the outside. Years from now, the glass should still look crystal clear and as good as new.

The filter and plunger plate are made from rust-resistant stainless steel and have been carefully engineered to produce a smooth plunging action without releasing coffee grounds into your drink. This is a French Press that stands up to daily use.

Both the primary and plunger handles are made from heat-resistant ABS plastic for your comfort and safety. A micro-filter within the lid captures any excess coffee grounds that remain after plunging is complete.